MICKE presents a top cru of confusing character. Harmonious coexistence of exotic fruit flavours and the traditional Burgundian type. This wine only will be vinified in excellent vintages with a strict limitation of bottles.


MICKE stands as a synonym for ‚Mickeberg‘, the original designation of a vineyard site.


MICKE develops exotic dark berry flavours after a long-term maturation. A Pinot Noir of exceptionel character. The vineyard block offers a broad aromatic flavour world. Tannin is nearly not perceptible.


Pinot Noir, 100%.


theageing potential



The yield is limited by nature and the intended character for the wine, approx. 25 hl/ha.


All vineyards are cultivated by certified organic farming supplemented by very high personal standards regarding the respect to nature and human.

MICKE grows in a unique block belonging to the vineyard site ’Mickeberg’ with steep slopes covered by red slate stone soil and a long-lasting evening sun. These vines allow to create wines of an exceptional fruit aroma limited to this site.

The vines are approx. 25 years old.


The vinification is minimized by the use of natural biological processes and physical transformations. The only additive used is sulphite.

It is a ’lazy vinification process’ where time is the key to achieve taste, harmony, clearness, stability and a great maturation potential. This takes two years time in barrels and at least some further years in the bottle before leaving the cellar for the first time. MICKE is bottled unfiltered.

MICKE naturally ferments to dry with nearly no sugar left. The acidity is naturally degraded by a second fermentation to about 5.0 g/l total acidity measured as tartric acid.

The alcohol level derives from nature and the sugar in the grapes. Usually 13,5%vol. (ca. 103° Oechsle).

thetechnical details

Bottle: Burgundy, antique green
Contents of bottles: 750 ml, 1500 ml
Closure: natural cork, tin capsule


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